A Place Among the Stars

After living next to Rocky Mountain National Park for a year, I started to notice all the little things that bothered me about such a beautiful place that has such high traffic.

Even up above 12,000 feet, you'll find litter blowing around on the road. Someone had it in their car, drove up to the top of the mountains, and threw it out the window. Littering is already very much illegal pretty much everywhere, so how do we fix this?

We can cry about how governments and corporations should do more, but social media has led to the rise of slacktivism. It's easy to complain about how other people aren't doing enough to make the world a better place. But are you doing anything to change the world, or are you just complaining that other people aren't doing enough for you?

Litter lands on the ground one piece at a time, and that's just how we can get it cleaned up.

If we boil down the, "leave no trace," principle down to its simplest form, we're talking about taking photographs and leaving only footprints. You take everything you brought with you back out. But if we take the absolute smallest step past that and apply the, "leave it better than you found it," principle, all it takes to change the world is to pick up one single piece of litter.

#JustOnePiece is a campaign I will be building into A Place Among the Stars. What I'm advocating is for every person to take one small step and pick up one single piece of litter when they go outside. With 51% of Americans participating in some form of outdoor recreation annually, we could easily be picking up nearly 200 million pieces of litter every year by each person spending 3 seconds to pick up a single piece.

Even more importantly, we will have millions of people actively no longer contributing to the problem by being aware of their impact on the environment and building in the incentive not to undo their own work in cleaning up. We would see an unprecedented level of attrition in litter and volunteer groups and institutions will have a a way to actually begin tackling the issue.

It doesn't require congress to raise your taxes, it doesn't require you to give up your weekends, and it doesn't require you to annoy your friends on social media with posts telling them to do something for you. Instead, you get to take credit for making the world a better place one piece at a time by putting in absolutely minimal effort.

Without further ado, I present to you a brief preview of A Place Among the Stars.

To find out more about A Place Among the Stars and how you can make a difference, visit www.aplaceamongthestars.com and follow us on Facebook and Instagram at www.facebook.com/aplaceamongthestarsfilm and www.instagram.com/aplaceamongthestarsfilm.

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